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Dentures and Dental Implants in Greensboro, NC

You deserve to have a healthy and beautiful smile from an experienced and knowledgeable dental practitioner. Trust in Sharon Long-Stokes, DDS, PA to outfit you with cosmetic dentures or dental implants in Greensboro that restore your confidence and oral health. For 50 years, patients have relied on our dentistry for first-rate dental services that produce sparkling results.

Tooth Replacements in Greensboro

A dental implant replaces one or more missing teeth to both restore the proper function of your mouth and significantly improve the aesthetics of your smile.

Typically made of titanium material, dental implants are anchored into your jaw line and later protected by a porcelain crown or a dental bridge. The titanium abutment is designed to take the place of your natural tooth root, allowing you to chew properly and mimic the appearance of a full set of pearly whites.

Teeth replacement in Greensboro from Sharon Long-Stokes, DDS, PA gives you the confidence to smile again. Take advantage of today's advanced technology by replacing missing teeth before you experience a number of oral health issues. Failing to replace missing teeth could result in the following consequences:

 Neighboring teeth begin to crowd, moving toward the vacant space 
 Adjacent teeth grow longer to fill in the gap, causing jaw and mouth problems 
 Patient loses ability to chew on all sides, which could cause jaw discomfort and misalignment

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Dentures: Improving Your Quality of Life

Here at Sharon Long-Stokes, DDS, PA, we help patients regain self-esteem by offering full and partial dentures in Greensboro. Whether all or some of your teeth have fallen out, we have the expert capabilities to emulate the function and visual appeal of natural teeth.

We begin by assessing your needs and taking measurement of your entire mouth and jaw. Then, we form an impression of your mouth and send it to a laboratory. Technicians use our dental mold and mouth measurements to construct your custom cosmetic dentures in Greensboro, using a series of wax, acrylic, hardened rubber, and plaster. The artificial teeth are typically made of porcelain or orthodontic acrylic and are installed into the model's wax rim.

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